Unique flavors from Santorini and not only…Colorful salads, delicious appetizers and a famous lobster spaghetti, acclaimed as the best in the Cyclades, are the main suggestions from a menu that constantly changes with additions of new dishes.
In Sunset we pay a really special attention to the materials that we are using. We are taking special care of the freshness and the taste of the raw materials to create “strong” dishes with unique tastes that you will remeber forever.
Do not miss the traditional fava, the tomato balls made with local cherry tomatoes and the zucchini balls, the stuffed eggplants with cheese (“bourekakia”) and the terrific Fisherman’s Salad, that can be the perfect start before your fresh and well cooked fish arrives. A selection of fresh fishes is available daily for our guests.

  • Fava (Authentic Local Recipe)
  • Tomato balls ( Authentic Local Recipe)
  • Staffed eggplant with feta cheese
  • Zucchini balls
  • Fishermen salad
  • Lobster pasta (top secret recipe)
  • Variety of fresh fishes