"Sunset by Paraskevas" Tavern in Ammoudi

The best of Santorini’s fresh fish and local cuisine

Under the red cliffs of Oia, in an idyllic cove that seems forgotten in time, Sunset tavern by Paraskevas serves some of the most tantalizing traditional dishes of Santorini. Right at the edge of Oia’s old port, where the fishermen’s caiques arrive early every morning with the day’s catch is where you will indulge in the most famous lobster spaghetti of the Cyclades while gazing at the ever-reaching sea and the breath-taking sunset.

For the past 30 years, Sunset by Paraskevas tavern in Ammoudi, one of the most idyllic spots of Santorini, has been serving fresh fish and seafood in dishes inspired by the island’s rich culinary heritage. The rough, volcanic soils of Santorini bear their unique and delicious gifts, and, together with the gems of its seas combine in mouth-watering dishes that speak to every palate-and every heart. In the Sunset Tavern you will see no pretences, no needless decorations; just the savage beauty of Ammoudi and the heavenly tastes of Paraskevas, in a tranquil spot that pleases all your senses.
Sunset by Paraskevas tavern is famous for the lobster pasta, made with a top secret recipe, along with dishes that made the “New York Times”, “Travel Channel” and many other international media to recommend Sunset by Paraskevas tavern as one of the most imperative stops during your visit in Santorini, while the guest book includes greetings and memories shared by many jet-setters and celebrities.
Scrumptious appetizers, dishes that embody the true spirit of Santorini made with ingredients from its auspicious land and a wine list that features the finest local labels; together with the high standards of quality and taste set by Paraskevas and Margarita in the kitchen, the result is impeccable, the authentic taste of Santorini on a plate! And that is the guarantee of Sunset taverna by Paraskevas in Ammoudi; a gastronomic experience that you’ll need to repeat!

Margarita’s Touch

Behind the seafood experience of Sunset by Paraskevas Restaurant and to be more precise, in the kitchen of the restaurant, we find Mrs Margarita.

Margarita loves to cook every day with care and attention all the dishes that come out from the kitchen. She adds her touch to every dish and traditional taste creating flavours that you can only savour here.

In Sunset- Paraskevas restaurant you will enjoy traditional recipes with a creative touch by Margarita that make your meal here an experience and add to your gastronomic trip in Santorini a delicious stop!

The Dreamy Location

You can see many photos of Ammoudi but wait until you face this amazing scenery. Wait until you see the red cliff that embraces the picturesque port of Ammoudi for the first time. The little fishing boats are dancing to the rhythm of the waves, and the catamarans sail for cruises all over the caldera of Santorini.

This is where you will enjoy the Sunset Paraskevas restaurant experience, in one of the most beautiful places on earth! In Santorini’s ultimate hidden gem made of rock stones, blue waters and dreams!